Annual Sports Awards

Each year, a number of awards are presented at the Sports Union Ball. The awards are made on the basis of the achievements (sporting or administrative) of the individual or Club in the previous academic year.

Vancouver Quaich for the most distinguished male athletic performance
1971-72: Geoffrey Peck (Orienteering)
1972-73: Andrew McKean
1973-74: A. Wilson Mills (Swimming)
1974-75: Alan McClatchey (Swimming & Water Polo)
1975-76: Peter Turcan (Canoe)
1976-77: Alan McClatchey (Swimming) & Peter Turcan (Canoe)
1977-78: Colin Campbell (Men’s Football)
1982-83: Ben Thomson (Athletics)
1983-84: Colin McIntyre (Orienteering)
1984-85: Gordon Winch (Rifle)
1985-86: Donald McFarlane (Men’s Hockey)
1986-87: Simon Riley (Rifle) & Alan Anderson (Swimming)
1987-88: Daniel Williams (Men’s Hockey)
1988-89: Timothy Lees (Boat)
1989-90: Winston Sweatman (Judo)
1990-91: Graeme Gunn (Ski)
1991-92: Conrad Chin (Fencing)
1992-93: Philip Mowbray (Athletics)
1993-94: Philip Mowbray (Athletics)
1994-95: Richard Hope (Swimming)
1995-96: David Godfree (Orienteering)
1996-97: Jon Duncan (Orienteering)
1997-98: Jon Duncan (Orienteering) & Mark Raphael (Men’s Hockey)
1998-99: Simon Morris (Boat)
1999-2000: Ben Roberts (Orienteering)
2000-01: Andrew Jessop (Golf)
2001-02: Tim Mundon (Archery)
2002-03: Tim Mundon (Archery)
2003-04: Evan Oliphant (Cycling)
2004-05: Scott Fraser (Orienteering)
2005-06: Matthew Thomson (Rifle)
2006-07: Keith Hodgson (Ultimate Frisbee)
2007-08: Stephen Dick (Men’s Hockey)
2008-09: Scott Fraser (Orienteering)
2009-10: Scott Fraser (Orienteering)
2010-11: Richard Schafers (Swimming & Waterpolo)
2011-12: Hector Haines (Orienteering)
2012-13: Sean Doherty (Table Tennis)
2013-14: Calum Smith (Nordic Skiing)


Eva Baily Cup for the most distinguished female athletic performance
1971-72: Hilary Smith (Orienteering)
1972-73: Louise Ross (Swimming)
1973-74: Maureen Walker (Golf)
1974-75: Maureen Walker (Golf)
1975-76: Catherine Panton (Golf)
1976-77: Fiona MacAulay (Athletics)
1977-78: Elaine Strachan (Rifle)
1982-83: Susan Ward (Canoe)
1983-84: Susan Ward (Canoe)
1984-85: Marsela Robertson (Orienteering)
1985-86: Shirley Smith (Rifle)
1986-87: Yvette Hague (Orienteering)
1987-88: Moira Langmuir (Ski)
1988-89: Yvette Hague (Orienteering)
1989-90: Yvette Hague (Orienteering)
1990-91: Claire Bolland (Orienteering)
1991-92: Heather Lockhart (Tennis, Women’s Hockey)
1992-93: Heather Lockhart (Tennis, Women’s Hockey)
1993-94: Alona Bruce (Boat)
1994-95: Susan Bell (Rifle)
1995-96: Joannes Davies & Katherine Grainger (Boat)
1996-97: Katherine Grainger (Boat)
1997-98: Janine Hensman (Orienteering)
1998-99: Julie Fleeting (Women’s Football)
1999-2000: Mary Boston (Rifle)
2000-01: Melanie Croall (Lacrosse
2001-02: Shirley Webb (Athletics)
2002-03: Ailsa Stott (Lacrosse)
2003-04: Alison O’Neil (Orienteering)
2004-05: Emma Downie (Archery)
2005-06: Mhairi MacKenzie (Orienteering)
2006-07: Jenny Jeppsson (Archery)
2007-08: Jenny Jeppsson (Archery)
2008-09: Jenny Jeppsson (Archery) & Louise Pate (Swimming)
2009-10: Lisa McKenzie (Fencing)
2010-11: Chloe Maclean (Shukokai Karate)
2011-12: Naomi Jones (Archery)
2012-13: Naomi Jones (Archery) & Caitlin McClatchey (Swimming)
2013-14: Corrie Scott (Swimming and Water Polo)

Neil Campbell Shield for outstanding sports organisation and services
1971-72: Alisa Wardlaw & Charles Court-Brown
1972-73: Jock Millican (Rugby)
1973-74: James Dingwall (Hare & Hounds) and Peter Holbrook (Fencing)
1974-75: Gordon Shearer (Sailing)
1975-76: David Menzies (Orienteering)
1977-78: Martin Coburn (Boat) and Maurice MacLaren (Ski)
1982-83: John Peters (Rugby)
1983-84: Ewan Malcolm (Sports Union President)
1984-85: Ian Stevens (Sports Union President)
1985-86: Paul Harper (Rugby)
1986-87: Jennie Carlton
1987-88: Allan MacLeod (Rugby)
1988-89: Jamie MacLennan (Men’s Hockey)
1989-90: Dorothy Blackie (Boat)
1990-91: Kim Littlejohn (Volleyball) & James Sutherland (Riding)
1991-92: Clare Lawson (Netball)
1992-93: Kirsty Eastwood (Women’s Football)
1993-94: Jason Smith (Boat) & Tim Hely (Hare & Hounds)
1994-95: Gavin Saye (Sailing)
1995-96: Sophie Glenton (Rifle)
1996-97: Hare & Hounds
1997-98: Gordon McNair (Ski and Snowboard)
1998-99: Andrew Wallace (Boat)
1999-2000: Christina Clarke (Archery)
2000-01: Stewart Fowlie (Men’s Football)
2001-02: Ailsa Stott (Lacrosse)
2002-03: Oliver Barsby (Table Tennis)
2003-04: Jonny Conn (Men’s Rugby)
2004-05: Anna Duff (Netball)
2005-06: Sinead Bennett (Karate Shukokai)
2006-07: Ed Manning (Fencing)
2007-08: Simon Messenger (Sports Union President)
2008-09: Chris Henning (Swimming & Water Polo)
2009-10: Lucy Fryer (Orienteering & Motorsport)
2010-11: Michael Nicholson (Curling)
2011-12: Richard Teague (Cycling)
2012-13: Nick Roberts (Squash & Motorsport)
2013-14: Andrew Leith (Cycling)

Lillywhite Cup for the most outstanding Club of the year
1971-72: Swimming Club
1972-73: Swimming Club
1973-74: Swimming Club
1974-75: Men’s Association Football Club
1975-76: Archery & Orienteering Club
1976-77: Men’s Association Football Club
1977-78: Rifle Club
1982-83: Rifle Club
1983-84: Orienteering Club
1984-85: Rifle Club & Rugby Club
1985-86: Men’s Hockey Club
1986-87: Men’s Hockey & Rifle Clubs
1987-88: Men’s Hockey Club
1988-89: Boat Club
1989-90: Orienteering Club
1990-91: Sub Aqua Club
1991-92: Orienteering Club
1992-93: Women’s Basketball Club
1993-94: Men’s Football Club
1994-95: Rifle Club
1995-96: Archery & Boat Clubs
1996-97: Archery Club
1997-98: Ladies Rugby Club
1998-99: Women’s Football Club
1999-2000: Archery & Rifle Clubs
2000-01: Archery & Golf Clubs
2001-02: Snow Sports Club
2002-03: Men’s Football Club
2003-04: Archery Club
2004-05: Karate (Shukokai) Club
2005-06: Women’s Lacrosse Club
2006-07: Women’s Lacrosse Club
2007-08: Orienteering Club
2008-09: Orienteering Club
2009-10: Orienteering Club
2010-11: Orienteering and Swimming & Water Polo Clubs
2011-12: Swimming & Water Polo Club
2012-13: Swimming & Water Polo Club and Women’s Hockey Club
2013-14: Swimming & Water Polo Club and Women’s Hockey Club

Pavilion Association Cup for the best Club publicity record of the year
1971-72: Lawn Tennis Club
1972-73: Cricket Club
1973-74: Cricket Club
1974-75: Sailing Club & Women’s Hockey Club
1975-76: Women’s Hockey Club
1977-78: Orienteering Club
1982-83: Not awarded
1983-84: Rugby Club
1984-85: Rugby Club
1985-86: Men’s Hockey & Rugby Clubs
1986-87: Not awarded
1987-88: Shinty Club
1988-89: Boat Club
1989-90: Not awarded
1990-91: Not awarded
1991-92: Canoe Club
1992-93: Hare & Hounds Club
1993-94: Not awarded
1994-95: Canoe Club
1995-96: Motor Sport Club
1996-97: Not awarded
1997-98: Not awarded
1998-99: Boat Club
1999-2000: Karate Shukokai Club
2000-01: Boat Club
2001-02: Not awarded
2002-03: Men’s Football Club
2003-04: Not awarded
2004-05: Karate (Shukokai) Club
2005-06: Karate (Shukokai) Club
2006-07: Archery Club
2007-08: Men’s Football Club
2008-09: Snowsports Club
2009-10: Men’s Hockey Club
2010-11: Hare & Hounds Club
2011-12: Korfball Club
2012-13: Boat Club
2013-14: Women’s Football Club

Ian Stevens Award for the club with the most outstanding commitment to the promotion and delivery of strong links with Alumni
2012-13: Ladies Rugby Club
2013-14: Orienteering Club

Livingstone Trophy for the most outstanding expeditionary achievement
1974-75: Mountaineering Club
1975-76: Canoe Club
1977-78: Sub-Aqua Club
1982-83: Mountaineering Club
1983-84: Tania Adams (Ski Club)
1984-85: Fencing Club
1985-86: Rugby Club
1986-87: Not awarded
1987-88: Rugby Club
1988-89: Men’s Hockey Club
1989-90: Rugby Club
1990-91: Football Club
1991-92: Rugby Club
1992-93: Men’s Hockey Club
1993-94: Men’s Rugby Club
1994-95: Not awarded
1995-96: Sailing Club
1996-97: Not awarded
1997-98: Men’s Rugby Club
1998-99: Not awarded
1999-2000: Men’s Rugby Club
2000-01: Not awarded
2001-02: Golf Club
2002-03: Not awarded
2003-04: Men’s Rugby Club
2004-05: Boat Club
2005-06: Not awarded
2006-07: Men’s Rugby Club
2007-08: Sub Aqua Club
2008-09: Sub Aqua Club
2009-10: Sub Aqua Club
2010-11: Men’s Rugby Club
2011-12: Orienteering Club
2012-13: Cycling Club
2013-14: Cycling Club

Captain S.T. Garner Trophy to the first-year student who makes the most outstanding contribution to University sport
1984-85: Daniel Williams (Men’s Hockey)
1985-86: Niall Anderson (Fencing)
1986-87: Anne Reid (Swimming)
1987-88: Jamie Henderson
1988-89: Kirsty Bryan-Jones (Orienteering)
1989-90: Claire Bolland (Orienteering)
1990-91: Heather Lockhart (Hockey & Tennis)
1991-92: Philip Mowbray (Hare & Hounds)
1992-93: Megan Smith (Orienteering Club)
1993-94: Hayley Parkinson (Hare & Hounds)
1994-95: Jonathan Duncan (Orienteering)
1995-96: Paul Rennie (Archery)
1996-97: Tessa Pirie (Ski)
1997-98: Ben Roberts (Orienteering)
1998-99: Ailsa Stott (Lacrosse)
1999-2000: Joanna Hossack (Rifle)
2000-01: Tallah Brash (Archery)
2001-02: Tom Hutchison (Snow Sports)
2002-03: Murray Strain (Orienteering)
2003-04: Mhairi MacKenzie (Orienteering)
2004-05: Andrew Ward (Archery)
2005-06: Duncan Coombs (Orienteering)
2006-07: Emma Fairnie (Golf)
2007-08: Hector Haines (Orienteering)
2008-09: Jenny Reid (Boat Club)
2009-10: Catriona Sibert (Fencing), Rebecca Harding (Orienteering)
2010-11: Heather Goodwin (Netball)
2011-12: Sarah Robertson (Women’s Hockey), Corrie Scott (Swimming & Water Polo)
2012-13: Nicki Cochrane (Women’s Hockey)
2013-14: Sarah Adlington (Judo)

Colonel R.B. Campbell to the most improved Club of the year
2002-03: Table Tennis & Water Polo Clubs
2003-04: Lacrosse Club
2004-05: Korfball Club
2005-06: Trampoline Club
2006-07: Boat & Cricket Clubs
2007-08: Ladies’ Rugby & Triathlon Club
2008-09: Equestrian Club
2009-10: Motor Sport Club
2010-11: Cycling Club
2011-12: Clay Pigeon Club
2012-13: Women’s Football Club
2013-14: Boat Club

Executive Committee Awards to individuals for major services to their Club and/or to University sports (a maximum of six are traditionally awarded per annum)
1973-74: John McDonald (Intra-Mural), Keith Ridley (Athletics), Bob Cramb (Swimming), Donnie Mackay (Hockey), Alistair Thomson (Orienteering), David Menzies (Orienteering), Bob Donaldson (Orienteering)
1974-75: Rae Crawford (Rifle Shooting), James Ferguson (Boat), Juliet Harrison (Netball), Marion Lauder (Women’s Hockey), Hector McLean (Football)
1975-76: Adrian Coates (Angling), Graham Henderson (Rugby), Ivy Hunter (Women’s Hockey), Ian Lowdon (Sports Union President)
1982-83: Liz Bull (Swimming), Peter Lyall (Men’s Hockey and Sports Union), Karen Taylor (Basketball)
1983-84: Rachel Fowler (Badminton), Gordon Galloway (Men’s Hockey), Ian Hardman (Boat)
1984-85: David Bell (Table Tennis), Mimi Beresford-West (Ski), Peter Fowlie (Men’s Hockey), Lilian Monahan (Men’s Hockey), Stephanie Thomson (Fencing)
1985-86: Simon King (Canoe), Lynda Turner (Canoe), Mark Loughlin (Men’s Hockey), Syd Reid (Men’s Hockey), Graham Frost (Rifle), Craig Stewart (Tennis)
1986-87: Norma Macleod (Hockey), Alasdair Gardner (Rugby), Malcom Grant (Shinty), Tom Maguire (Shinty), Joanna Goodburn (Vice President Sports Union 86/87)
1987-88: Chris Day (Athletics), James Dobie (Tennis), Paul Harper (Rugby), Jamie MacLennan (Men’s Hockey), Karen Wylie (Women’s Hockey)
1988-89: John Caskie (Rugby), Liam McArthur (Football), Anna Ramage (Ski), Mike Sewell (Student Newspaper), Andrew Sherwood (Shinty), Iain Turnbull (Men’s Hockey)
1989-90: Campbell Evans (Badminton), Peter Graham (Sub Aqua), Allan MacLeod (Rugby), William Roberts (Boat), Carole Shanks (Trampoline)
1990-91: Philip Findlay (Football), Jennifer Inglis (Badminton), John MacKenzie (Shinty)
1991-92: Vince McCaughey (Sub Aqua), Martin Philip (Curling), Neil Greenhalgh (Cricket)
1992-93: Mark Creedon (Squash), Allan Fraser (Badminton)
1993-94: Lorna Robertson (Women’s Hockey), Andy Adler (Sailing), David Watson (Men’s Football)
1994-95: Alastair MacEwen (Men’s Hockey), Claire McCartney (Women’s Hockey)
1995-96: Andrew Murdoch (Athletics), Sam Seddon (Men’s Hockey)
1996-97: Clive Gee (Fencing), David Godfree (Orienteering), Scott Roberts (Rugby)
1997-98: Oliver Cass (Boat), Will Devas (Cricket & Rugby), Grierson Dunlop (Men’s Rugby), Sara Gladstone (Sailing), Pamela Woodman (Ladies Rugby), Vanessa Quinlan (Hockey & Sports Union)
1998-99: Alistair Kerr (Men’s Football), Alice Froggatt, Vicky Hogben, Sian Challacombe (Orienteering)
1999-2000: Tim Bolt, Mary Boston, Richard Davies (Men’s Hockey), Stewart Fowlie (Men’s Football), David Jarman, James Yarker
2000-01: Andrew Bates (Gliding), Judith Kerr (Swimming), Joseph ‘Stan’ Livy (Boat), Jenny Richards (Women’s Hockey), Derek Wann (Hare & Hounds)
2001-02: Cameron Crombie Smith (Men’s Fotball), Sian Challacombe (Orienteering), Ailie Murray, Alastair McMillen, David Sewell, Shamus Whyte
2002-03: Andrew Phillips (Archery), Keith Dunlop (Athletics), Colin Weekes (Fencing), Stewart Fowlie (Men’s Football), Gareth Tenner (Men’s Hockey), Lucy MacGregor (Swimming & Water Polo)
2003-04: David Anderson (Snowsports), Oliver Barsby (Table Tennis), Kate Boxer (Lacrosse), Graham Shaw (Men’s Football), Andrew Silander (Men’s Football), James Williamson (Hare & Hounds)
2004-05: Oliver Barsby (Table Tennis), Edward Nicholas (Orienteering), Naomi Vaughan (Trampoline), Robert Ward (Rifle), James Williamson (Hare & Hounds)
2005-06: Jordan Dias (Rifle), Edward Manning (Fencing), Simon Messenger (Table Tennis), Edward Nicholas (Orienteering), Sarah Porritt (Riding), Amy Slater (Ice Hockey)
2006-07: James Blackmur (Cricket), Jenny Durkin (Shinty), Paul Froydenlund (Men’s Lacrosse), Sarah Gandon (Netball), Dave Garden (Curling & Sports Union), James Hair (Men’s Football), Kirsten Strain (Orienteering)
2007-08: Andrew Cruickshank (Men’s Football), Laura Hayward (Equestrian), Denis Johnstone (Archery), James Pope (Squash), Jane Thompson (Trampoline), James Tullie (Orienteering)
2008-09: Eva Baxter (Hillwalking), Jessica Halliday (Orienteering), Laura Bowden (Snowsports), Eoghan Maguire (Triathlon), William Scott Douglas (Motor Sport), Sarah Aitken (Trampoline)
2009-10: Rachel Falconer (Women’s Hockey, Sports Union), Richard Crozier (Motor Sport), James Lyne (Orienteering), Erik Rowbotham (Archery)
2010-11: Sebastian Rae (Cricket), Ross McCall (Hares & Hounds), Alexander Gilliland (Archery), Will Lawton (Korfball), Sam Trett (Hockey), Erik Mackie (Hillwalking)
2011-12: Kirsten Dallas (Motor Sports), Will Ellis (Korfball), Peter Gibbons (Shukokai Karate), Chloe Haines (Orienteering), Michael Henderson-Sowerby (Men’s Hockey), Kirsty McConnell (Trampoline), Tom Redpath (Sports Union & Boat)
2012-13: Henry Allen (Wakeboard & Waterski), Lily Cartwright (Cricket), Anna Donegan (Boat), Jonas Fuchs (Rifle), Caroline Madden (Clay Pigeon Shooting), JP O’Reilly (Orienteering), Rob Tate (Swimming & Water Polo)
2013-14: Ben Warrington (Basketball), Emma Bird (Swimming &amp Water Polo), Leo Brown (Trampoline), Zachary Janes (Shukokai Karate), Cathy Comerford (Equestrian), Sarah Tullie (Orienteering)

Other Awards

University of Edinburgh – Alumnus of the Year
2001-02: Katherine Grainger (Boat)
2012: Sir Chris Hoy (Cycling)

Cameron Blue of the Year
2003-04: Robert Foulkes (Shukokai Karate)
2004-05: Mhairi MacKenzie (Orienteering)
2005-06: Mike Hart (Weightlifting)
2006-07: Scott Fraser (Orienteering)
2007-08: Eilidh Child (Athletics)
2008-09: Louise Pate (Swimming)
2009-10: Chris Hutchens (Cycling)
2010-11: Lisa MacKenzie (Fencing)
2011-12: Chloe Maclean (Shukokai Karate)
2012-13: Richard Schafers (Swimming)

Irene McTernan Colour of the Year
2010-11: Lucy Fryer (Orienteering & Motor Sport)
2011-12: Chris Hutchens (Cycling)
2012-13: Emily Dent (Women’s Hockey)

Coach of the Year
2000-01: Alistair Witthingham, Archery
2005-06: Ailsa Stott, Women’s Lacrosse
2006-07: Douglas Samuel, Men’s Football